All-in-One Card to make the iPod obsolete?

All-in-One Card to make the iPod obsolete?


One of latest Chandanlog posts has got quite a few people stirring in their seats. The Sun Microsystems’ rumour guru recently posted up pictures of what he calls the AIO Card, or the All in One Card. A super thin, credit-card shaped device, the AIO Card is powered through its solar panels and has an e-ink-like display, allowing for touchscreen capabilities, fairly high resolution, and incredibly low power consumption.

Chandan is saying that the device will run over wireless, allowing all your data and applications to remain stored on a server. You are granted instant access to whatever you need through the integrated Bluetooth and WiFi connections, including the ability to make wireless VoIP calls using your Bluetooth headset. Moreover, the AIO Card will reportedly have all your favourite multimedia functionality (almost limitless storage for your MP3s, take that Apple), provide you with access to your favourite web application (according to the pictures, it looks like it can run Firefox!), and even act as a GPS unit.

If it is indeed a “credit card device”, I’m not really sure how those solar panels on it are going to work, but the Sun Ray-based All in One Card is definitely something that is piquing a lot of people’s interest… though, it doesn’t seem like this will be hitting the market anytime soon.