Adobe announces Flash Lite 2 and Flash Player SDK7

Adobe announces Flash Lite 2 and Flash Player SDK7


Adobe Systems wants to make web browsing on your mobile phone more enjoyable. They have announced the immediate availability of Macromedia Flash Lite 2 and Macromedia Flash Player SDK7. Flash Lite 2 is an update of the flash player for non-PC players, while Flash Player SDK7 is the Flash Player designed for consumer electronics devices.

The solutions are designed to allow OEMs, manufacturers and providers with the ability to quickly and easily provide rich interfaces for their users. Both are built on Flash Player 7. There is also a preview of Flash Professional 8 available which allows developers to take advantage of the new capabilities in Flash Lite 2.

Devices powered by Flash Lite 2 and Flash Player SDK7 should be available later on this year. Many of the world’s largest manufacturers are already shipping Flash-enabled devices. The number of devices shipped in the last 12 months jumped to 45 million, up from 12 million previously.