Samsung to unveil flash video player at CES

Samsung to unveil flash video player at CES


Among the offerings at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas begining Thursday, Samsung will deliver an exciting handheld video player with flash-based memory and is designed to easily fit in the palm of your hand.

The player, labled the YP-Z5, has an LCD display that totals just 1.8 inches. Photo viewing will be primarily in JPEG format. Audio playback will be available in both MP3 and WMA formats, with sound processing based on the the Digital Natural Sound Engine. And even though the player is super small, it will have a large capacity for storage. The player will be available in both 2GB and 4GB versions, each coming with a 38-hour Li-ion battery.

The Consumer Electronics Show runs from Thursday through Sunday at various locations through Las Vegas.

Samsung expects to launch the product officially before summer.