New digital camera helps shift focus for you

New digital camera helps shift focus for you


Samsung has taken the hard part out of snapping close-up digital photos with the new S500, a 5-megapixel camera that also allows video capture.

The official name of the camera is the Digimax/Kenox S500. Its main selling point is the Auto-Macro mode, which changes the resolution scheme for you if you’ve forgotten to do so. The optical zoom is at a 3x level, and the preview screen is 2.4″ LCD, making it very user-friendly.

Video capability is on offer as well, with VGA maximizing at 30 fps and 640×480 resolution and also including sound. Internal storage numbers 20MB of flash memory, with external storage cards of up to 1GB available as well.

The camera, the dimensions of which are 96x61x32 mm, runs on 2 AA batteries and can transmit photos and/or videos to both PC and Macintosh computers via USB 2.0. An added bonus is compability with PictBridge, technology that takes the computer out of the printing process.

Look to see this camera at the Consumer Electronics Show, this weekend in Las Vegas, and then at favorite retailers worldwide.