Cornice launches smallest ‘Dragon Tail’ micro HDD line, and secures deal for...

Cornice launches smallest ‘Dragon Tail’ micro HDD line, and secures deal for Samsung SGH-i300 music smartphone


Cornice today announced that it has designed its new line of micro hard drives specifically for the consumer electronics (CE) market. Its team has concentrated only on the parts that are required for the CE market, enabling them to produce a disk drive solution specifically intended for CE products to be used in pocket-able environment.

Because of the intended use for these new micro hard drives, it was imperative that they be thinner and smaller than ever. Cornice was able to do this by narrowing the casing around the disk and reducing the ‘z’ height. The results? Well, this latest personal storage reference design is expected to be about 40% smaller than any micro hard drive available in the market today and available for around $18.50 USD per GB, a price that is four times less than conventional flash memory’s $80 USD per GB offering.

This new product line is to be known as the Dragon Tail series of micro hard drives.

Also relating to their hard drive technologies, Cornice has just made it known that its 3GB Storage Element (SE) solution is being used by Samsung in the production of its SGH-i300 music smartphone. The SGH-i300 aims to merge audio, video, personal storage and voice capabilities in one mobile device. Actually, this is not the first time Cornice storage solutions are used Samsung cell phones. Previous models used include the SPH-V5400, with a 1.5-gigabyte Cornice SE, and the SPH-V7900 video camera phone, which also has the 3GB SE of Cornice.

Samsung’s SGH-i300 music smartphone can store up to 1,000 audio files, and can hold all your personal files using its Plug-n-Play Files-To-Go feature, enabling the mobile phone to function as a personal storage device. It is based on the Windows Mobile OS, features 3D sound, a 1.3-megapixel camera, video recording and messaging, and more.