Unique loop headphones soon to be in blue

Unique loop headphones soon to be in blue


Audio-Technica’s ATH-CK5 headphones have already hit the market with a unique “loop support feature” that is designed to bend and flex for a perfectly snug fit in your ear, but apparently the company thinks it’s pretty big news that you’ll soon be able to pick up a set in a navy bluish colour.

The loop support, the only thing that really sets these earbuds apart from every other set of earbuds on the market, flexes to just inside that flap of cartilage called your ear. Because your ear is as individual as you are, Audio-Technica offers the ATH-CK5 in three different sizes, so, ideally, everyone can enjoy the quality stereo sound through 11.5 mm neodymium magnet drivers.

Playback frequency runs from 14 to 24,000 Hz, and the device comes with a 3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug (read: standard headphone jack).

If blue isn’t your cup of tea or you can’t wait until its January 20 launch date, you can grab a set of ATH-CK5s in black, red or white right now, probably from some site in a language other than English.