Intel leaps ahead with new brand

Intel leaps ahead with new brand


Intel will still be inside, it just won’t tell us it is so often. The chipmaker has changed their logo and tagline in order to update their brand to reflect their new priorities. The familiar logo has been replaced by a simple script with the e dropped below the rest of the letters in the name. Intel Inside has been replaced by Leap Ahead.

The rebranding comes about as Intel shifts its focus away from the mature PC chip business and more into the rapidly growing and changing consumer product markets. Some critics have said that Intel has been left behind by the new market. Future growth in the chip business will come from mobile phones and consumer electronics, but Intel has done little to establish themselves in these sectors. They have remained dominant in the PC sector, but that is not a rapidly growing segment.

As part of the rebranding, which comes about as part of a larger overhaul in the company which has been ongoing since Paul Otellini became CEO in May, the Pentium brand will be de-emphasized. In its place they will focus more on the mobility-loving Centrino and a new initiative called Viiv. Viiv will seek to integrate the PC further into entertainment by using it to collect and share data at home.

Intel will reveal new marketing campaigns and new gadgets utilizing their chips at CES in Las Vegas.