South Korea to send legal notices to mobile phones

South Korea to send legal notices to mobile phones


For most people, getting text and voice messages on your phone is kind of fun. That is about to change for some people in South Korea. The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office will be sending some legal notices, including indictments, through your phone instead of through the mail. Trials of the service will begin in January. Barring any major problems, the full service will be available by the middle of the year.

The main motivation for the service was to save time and to avoid having documents lost or misplaced when people moved. There are also privacy concerns with mail, since a family member, or anyone else, can open an envelope and see your personal information.

South Korea is a perfect location for a service such as this since more than 80% of residents have a mobile phone. The service will save the Prosecutor’s office $158,000 during the trial. If the full program is rolled out, the cost savings will be about $1.18 million.