Pebble – It’s an MP3 player, not a rock

Pebble – It’s an MP3 player, not a rock


There seems to be no limit to the creativity that manufacturers employ to make their tiny MP3 players stand out. Everyone is making one and they all have basically the same underwhelming technical specifications, so they have to look great to get noticed by consumers. The latest effort in this vain is the Pebble, by Korean maker EVAZ.

It’s a tiny pendant type player that looks, not surprisingly, like a little pebble that you could pick up from a riverbed. It has a blue OLED display that will let you know what you are listening to and how much juice you have left in your batteries. Despite the tiny size, it still has a FM tuner and voice recorder in it. It supports MP3, WMA and ASF formats. You can get it in black, white or a very un-pebble-like orange.

The player measures in at just 47 x 32 x 17 mm and weighs only 27 grams. It has a lithium ion battery on board and USB 2.0 for uploading. It comes in two memory capacities. The 512MB size is about $125, while you will pay $150 for the 1GB size. Both sizes are available now in Korea. Now word on whether they will cross the ocean.