Oregon Scientific makes phone-alarm-mp3 player

Oregon Scientific makes phone-alarm-mp3 player


For many manufacturers these days, it’s all about shoving as many functions as you possibly can into the smallest package you can possibly imagine. Oregon Scientific has fully embraced this philosophy with its new CU328 Cubic Telephone.

Yup, it’s a cute little cube of a phone, but that’s not all. The DECT telephone works over a wireless speaker design, running on rechargeable batteries, so you can keep your hands free to do whatever you want to do instead of holding your phone.

But wait, there’s more. This telephone also acts as an alarm clock, with full FM radio capabilities. And that’s still not all. This thing is even an MP3 player, further allowing you to wake up to whatever your heart desires. It’ll take all your favourite MP3 and WMA files. You can either upload these files up via USB onto the phone’s internal memory or slide in your Secure Digital (SD) card, for even more music selection.

Oregon Scientific’s website doesn’t seem to have the CU328 listed just yet, but a number of retailers in the European Union already have it available for sale online.