Circuitboard Coasters please your inner geek

Circuitboard Coasters please your inner geek


Need a new way to let the people around you know that you are a big computer geek? Well, ThinkGeek has the answer for you. What you need is a set of Circuitboard Coasters for your cubicle. As you might be able to guess from the name, each coaster is made from a different circuitboard, so there are no two coasters in the world that are exactly the same.

You get your coasters in a set of six, it comes in a tin that has another circuitboard on top. That means you can show off your hip geekishness even when the coasters are stored away.

The coasters are 3.75” in diameter, so they are plenty big enough for your beer, pop or whatever else fuels you. According to the ThinkGeek website each coaster is a ‘high tech horizontal beverage containment device’. A bit much maybe, but a lot of people must disagree, because they are currently sold out. There will be more available, though, at $19.99.