Thomson announces wideband audio for wireless VoIP

Thomson announces wideband audio for wireless VoIP


First, there was VoIP. Then, there was wireless VoIP. Now, wideband audio functionality has found its way into the realm of wireless VoIP, thanks to Thomson. The company has announced the launch of a line of multiple-play residential gateways and IP DECT phones designed “for an enhanced telephony experience.”

Wideband audio provides near-CD quality sound. Voice calls are enhanced to the point where listening to music playing from the other end should be easy to do. Imagine, streaming music over VoIP.

Bruno Fabre, vice president of Thomson’s Telecom activities, said, “Wideband audio delivers superior voice quality both compared to regular PSTN and standard IP phone calls. Integrating this feature raises the bar not only in terms of the sophistication of broadband service delivery platforms but also for voice services across the board.”

Wideband audio quality is already the standard for wired VoIP through a computer, but now Thomson is offering the same level in a wireless VoIP application without the need for a PC. Thomson even adds Bluetooth to the mix, and supports H.323, MGCP and SIP protocols.

Thomson’s new devices are available now.