New anti-virus technology for PDA on the way

New anti-virus technology for PDA on the way


As soon as PDAs and phones started having wireless capabilities and full Internet capabilities, you knew that some idiots would create viruses to wreak havoc on your little pocket friends. Companies are lining up to provide anti-virus solutions for your handheld. The latest is the Indian company Sanrasoft, which is working on a solution they call Rudra.

Rudra takes an interesting approach. Since many handhelds are handicapped by a lack of permanent memory, Sanrasoft has decided that virus definition files take up too much space and cause too much hassle. Their solution is a program that tracks the changes made by programs you haven’t installed yourself. You can roll back any changes the programs make to your system.

This program, based on technology that is different from most current anti-virus programs, is already developed for PCs and will be launched in the U.S. in April. The mobile version, which is being worked on now, should arrive a few months later.

The whole program is about the size of a typical PowerPoint file. There is no subscription fee for the software. Developers claim that the major benefit is that it is useful not only for current malware, but also for future and unanticipated developments.