NetCODEC comes out with Bluetooth VoIP handset

NetCODEC comes out with Bluetooth VoIP handset


Another VoIP telephone is hitting the market, and this time around, it looks like it comes with a Bluetooth handset so you can chat away without tripping over all those wires. NetCODEC’s new phone is marketed as something “you can use while moving with bluetooth [sic] handset.” The source webpage is pretty limited as far as information, but it seems like the model number is either VoB-1000 or ViewTalk-internet.

The base unit sports quite a large LCD screen—8.4 inches, in fact—and it even has a touch-screen interface. It’ll support SIP protocol, so they say you can control home gateway alarm systems and network IP cameras. PSTN and SMS are also supported. The handset runs on Bluetooth 1.1, 2.4GHz bands.

It comes MPEG-4 ready for video calls, but obviously you’d have to look at the main unit for that to work (the handset itself is pretty bland looking)—max resolution is 352×288 pixels (CIF), with a frame rate of 7.5 fps. The frame rate quadruples to 30 if you set the resolution to 176×144 pixels. You can even choose to TV-out your video, though it’d likely be quite pixelated.