Marijuana dealers use MMS, no kidding

Marijuana dealers use MMS, no kidding


If you happen to be the parent of a growing kid who is hooked on his MMS, you better be alert, that may not be all they are hooked on. A recent case has brought to light the use of phones are being used by drug peddlers to tell your kids where they can buy Marijuana.

Going by the accounts of the concerned case, a group of suburban teen high schoolers were found to be using MMS to share photos and other details related with the possible sales points of the drug. The case came to light when one parent accidentally stumbled upon his kid’s phone and when he searched the MMS box; he found the photos of some sales point of marijuana. The matter was immediately brought to the notice of the police who tracked down the sellers who were making most of the MMS route.

The incident definitely needs to be an eye opener for the parents of growing teens or else the misuse of MMS technology could well jeopardize things at their homes.