Lexipedia – Wikipedia for Pocket PC

Lexipedia – Wikipedia for Pocket PC


Haven’t you been out with friends and what you wanted to quote just slips right out of your mind. Revolutionary Software Front is releasing a version of Wikipedia Encyclopedia Project called Lexipedia.

Lexipedia is going to be one of the most expansive encyclopedia program made for the Pocket PC with over 550,000 listings that you can quick and easily browse through.

It may take up some hefty storage room on your Pocket PC at 220 mb’s, but you would never need to doubt yourself when asked that odd trivia question about music, or art, or bands, or movies, or animals, or anything that you can think of basicly.

It is available on Handango.com. There is a free Demo version that you can try out before you shell out the $19.99 for the full version.