Bluetooth dongle for your PSP

Bluetooth dongle for your PSP


It seems like the PSP can do pretty much everything these days. Sony keeps adding new features, and companies are tripping over each other in the race to add accessories that make the little wonder device even more wonderful.

The next offering to improve your PSP is the new Bluetooth dongle from Ever-E in China. You plug it in to your PSP and the audio is transmitted wirelessly to your Bluetooth headphones.

Of course, almost any Bluetooth dongle would work. The beauty of this one, though, is that it is designed specifically for the PSP. That means that it closely fits the form of the PSP. Not only do you shed your wires, but you look good doing it.

Using Bluetooth 1.2, the dongle gives you a range of 10 meters, but I can’t think of too many reasons why you would want to be 10 meters away from your player. It weighs just 20 grams, including the battery, so portability isn’t an issue. You get 5 hours of life from one charge. It operates in temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius, so you are good even on really, really hot days.

No word yet on price or availability. Chinese manufacturers are selling the dongles to resellers, so we should see it for reasonable prices soon.