Underpowered speakers for your shuffle and nano

Underpowered speakers for your shuffle and nano


With so many speaker sets out there already for regular iPods, shuffle and nano owners feel like they’re being left out in the cold with so few (relatively speaking) options. Princeton is addressing this shortage with their new PSP-IPSH (no relation to Sony’s portable gamer). Like most other speaker sets out there, this is a 2-channel set without a subwoofer. According to the company, you can charge up your MP3 player in the dock while blasting away your favourite tunes.

Well “blasting” may not be exactly the right term to use here. You see, the PSP-IPSH puts out a pathetic 2W x 2. That’s worse than the uber-cheap speakers that came with your bargain-basement PC. Quality of sound remains to be seen, but if you want to fill a concert hall (or your living room, for that matter) with Kelly Clarkson, this set might be just a touch on the weak side. The plus side is that it not only works with an AC adapter, but you can opt to toss in 4 AAA batteries (another indication that this unit doesn’t need nor use much power) and take it on the road.

Measuring 176 x 33 x 99mm and weighing in at 235 grams, the Princeton PSP-IPSH 2 channel speaker set will hit Japan’s store shelves in late January 2006. Expect a price tag of just under 7000 Yen ($50 USD).