Mobileplay to send free content to your mobile phone

Mobileplay to send free content to your mobile phone


Mobileplay has a new service that offers the sending of free content to your mobile phone. Just sign up for their new service and you will get tons of free content, including the latest news, blog tidbits, horoscope news, weather forecasts, traffic news, and more on your cell phone. The downside you ask? The free content will be advertising-supported.

The new Mobileplay service is aimed at Blackberry and TREO handheld owners, and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile-based smartphones. It’s easy to subscribe to the new Mobileplay services. Just go to and select the handheld device you have and follow the easy and clear instructions on how to subscribe. The free content is wide and varied so you are bound to find something interesting which you want to be informed about. This wide array of information is made possible via Mobileplay’s partnerships with many content providers such as Gawker Media,,, PC World, to name a few.

Although many are annoyed at advertising that are just sooo in front of you, I’m sure many will also want to try this news service. After all, you wouldn’t want to be left behind with what’s ‘hot’ would you?