Acer joining PDA phone market

Acer joining PDA phone market


Smartphones have more and more features these days, and prices are slowly beginning to drop. The market is growing, and Acer wants a piece of the pie. The PC vendor plans to launch some smart handheld devices in the second half of next year “when the market for 3G handsets is more mature”. Yes, Acer’s first PDA phone will come 3G-ready and will likely (though not confirmed) have the usual bells and whistles, like an integrated camera and multimedia playback capabilities.

In terms of internals, Acer will be buying their CPUs and flash memory chips from Samsung Electronics in Korea. Regarding interface, company sources have indicated that they are teaming up with Microsoft and will be bring the Windows Mobile operating system to their PDA phones. The LCD display will most likely be in the 3.5 to 3.7-inch range.

In related news, Acer’s goal for 2006 is to ship 1.5 million PDAs, one-third of which to be GPS-enabled gadgets.