Yoga laptop bends the mind, adds detachable keyboard

Yoga laptop bends the mind, adds detachable keyboard


There’s no denying that all this new-age lifestyle and alternative medicine stuff isn’t going away anytime soon with thousands (millions?) rushing to meditation halls and yoga centres. But, a “life in balance” isn’t necessarily incompatible with state-of-the-art technology, gadgets, and doohickeys. It is with that in mind that Lenovo is re-inventing the IBM Thinkpad, catering it the yoga demographic.

According to, “the concept for the Yoga laptop is hinged on the bending of mind.” It takes advantage of something called “soft hinge technology support” so that you can use it like a regular laptop, flip it 300-degrees to make it a makeshift LCD “table display screen”, or fold it completely onto itself to have a tablet PC experience.

None of this is particularly innovative, but two features will set the Lenovo “Yogatop” (as it’s come to be called by some reviewers) apart from the competition. The detachable keyboard adds some easy functionality (as does the included wireless mouse), and the imbedded “visual identity technology” recognizes the owner for security purposes… who needs a biometric fingerprint reader when the computer can just take a look and say, “Yup, you’re the owner.”