Wireless Extenders now cover 800MHz spectrum

Wireless Extenders now cover 800MHz spectrum


Wireless Extenders is a Georgia-based company that increases indoor cell phone coverage. Poor or non-existent indoor coverage is a pain in the you-know-where. Their first product boosted the 1900MHz frequency spectrum. The new YX500-CEL still covers that spectrum, but also adds the 800 MHz spectrum.

You place the device in your home and office and it will give you the consistent cellular coverage indoors that you need. The range of the device is 2,500 square feet. The company claims that it improves cell battery life because it doesn’t have to work as hard to find a signal.

The addition of 800MHz frequency adds coverage for some companies that don’t operate in the 1900 MHz spectrum. 800MHZ is the cellular spectrum, while 1900 MHz is PCS based. The YX500-CEL does not support Nextel or iDEN service providers, but a new model due next year will.

The YX500-CEL is available now. You can have one for $299.99.