Rumor: Microsoft to launch movie download service

Rumor: Microsoft to launch movie download service


Microsoft doesn’t want to let Apple have all the fun in the portable video content game. Rumors are flying that Microsoft will be launching a subscription based movie download site. It will likely look much like Napster’s service does, with a flat monthly fee for unlimited downloads or at least a high number of downloads per month.

Details are sketchy at this point. It is just a rumor but, as you well know, rumors from the big company are usually surprisingly accurate. It is yet to be seen what formats the service will support. That will have a lot to do with the eventual success. It will support Portable Media Center devices, of course, but it will be interesting to see if they extend beyond that.

The whole experiment, if it happens, will be interesting. Microsoft certainly has the size and money to give it a go, but they haven’t been the best company in the world at entering new markets. iTunes has such an advantage with the iPod. Without being able to tap into that market it could be a real challenge.