Ruckus Wireless streams HDTV over Wi-Fi

Ruckus Wireless streams HDTV over Wi-Fi


Ruckus Wireless has revealed its plans to perform a public demonstration of digital TV (DTV), high-definition TV (HDTV) and multicast IPTV over a standard in-home 802.11g Wi-Fi network. This is to prove that the technology is now here to enable reliable and cost-efficient streaming of digital multimedia over a single broadband IP connection. The demonstration is set to take place during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is slated to occur on January 5-8, 2006.

One of the examples CES visitors can expect to see is the simultaneous streaming of multiple MPEG-4 IPTV channels over the Ruckus smart Wi-Fi system to an Amino set-top-box connected to a TV. It will also be streamed to several PDAs and tablet PCs featuring integrated 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi.

Infonetics Research Broadband and IPTV analyst Jeff Heynen states consumers long for reliable streaming digital multimedia content in their homes. However, Wi-Fi technology has been developed for usage that can put up with delays. Rufus Wireless thus now aims to prove with its products that this is now possible.

“Our technology lets users trust the air by literally creating Wi-Fi links between endpoints that can be managed and monitored. Until now this just hasn’t been possible. We’ve applied Internet techniques to the air. Our system picks the best path for a Wi-Fi signal at any given time and can automatically steer that Wi-Fi signal around interference in real time. This virtually guarantees a high-quality video experience for consumers without the hassles and complexity of wires and networks”, according to Rufus Wireless CEO Selina Lo.