Planon launches DocuPen R700

Planon launches DocuPen R700


For all those people who love watching the Bond flicks with its unusual display of gadgetry and always wanted to pose one. Well you now can hope to pose something like that, check out the DocuPen R700 from Planon.

The Docupen R700 is a battery powered handheld scanner with a memory to hold upto 100 pages with a scanning speed of 4-8 seconds per page.

Well this device is not primarily targeted at wanna be sleuths, the more practical use of this can be with students as they can now easily scan pages after pages of reference materials. R700 is equipped with PaperPort OCR software which allows the text to be converted into text/word format for editing.

It is powered with Li-ion rechargeable batteries and for easy transfer of scanned images or documents between the PC and the device, its equipped with a USB interface, also the batteries get automatically charged when it’s plugged into a USB port.

For scanning purposes, the DocuPen R700 features a dual roller guiding system that allows for smooth scanning on any surface. The roller around the scanner lens ensures even distribution of pressure across the surface. For creating accurate scans the Docupen R700 uses optical registration techniques.

Planon sells the DocuPen R700 from their website for a price of US $199.99.