Palm to introduce three new smartphones in 2006

Palm to introduce three new smartphones in 2006


To all Treo lovers, the coming year will see the launch of not 1, or 2 new models, but three. Giving credibility to rumors floating around, the CEO of Palm Inc., Ed Colligan has indeed confirmed that Palm will come out with three new designs of its Treo smartphones in the year 2006. The three new designs of Treo will be apart from the model 700w which is slated to be launched in January 2006 for Verizon Wireless and will be the first Treo to use the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system.

The three new models of Treo which are slated to be released in 2006 will include the 700p using the Palm OS Garnet, the other two models of Treo include the Hollywood and Lowrider projects. The CEO of Palm Mr. Colligan divulged this information during the Palm’s earnings conference call.

Some notable highlights from the conference call given by Mr. Colligan include: in the current quarter Palm shipped 602K Treos to carriers and holds a 78% market share of the US handheld market. He also announced that the 700w will ship in early January.