Samsung launches new mobile movie initiative

Samsung launches new mobile movie initiative


Mobile phone companies are scrambling to find ways to make their customers buy movies to watch on their phones. To that end, Samsung has launched an ambitious new initiative, which they call The site will offer unique film content for users of select Samsung models.

The site will have two different sections. The first is Ubiquitous Films. On this section users can download three short films collected specifically for the site by Jon Kilik, the executive producer of Broken Flowers and Alexander. He has brought together a diverse group of film makers to tell the stories.

The second section of the site is called InteractiveFilms. It offers a viewing experience which allows you to become a producer and make your own film. You are given choices of views and angles. Your choices will create a film of your own. The choices create 11,101 different possible films. It’s like one of those choose-your-own-adventure books you read as a kid in film form. will officially launch on Saturday. If you are a Samsung user and you can’t wait until then, the site is available for sneak peeks now.