Movie Vision S – small portable video player

Movie Vision S – small portable video player


If I tell you that a new product is called the Movie Vision S, do you think you can guess what it does? If you guessed that it is a portable video player, give yourself a gold star. It’s a tiny and tidy looking (read: boring) Japanese made unit that you can get in black or white. It measures just 68 x 82 x 20 mm and weighs 95 grams with a battery, so it can really go anywhere you want it to.

Video playback is on a 2.5” 320×240 TFT LCD screen. It can play MPEG-4 video as well as WAV audio files and JPEG files for photos. Data storage comes via the 128MB built in flash, or the SD card slot, for up to 2GB more. You can transfer files from your PC via USB 2.0. There is also an FM tuner for more music options. An internal microphone allows you to record sound in WAV format, too.

Battery life is 4 hours on a charge thanks to a lithium ion battery which can be charged using USB or an AC adapter. Proving that Christmas doesn’t matter in big parts of the world, this device will be released on December 26. It will cost about $160.