Block out the world with Brighton noise-cancelling headphones

Block out the world with Brighton noise-cancelling headphones


So you’re jamming away, listening to your iPod during your daily commute. Inevitably, the bus hits a big traffic jam in the middle of a construction zone: cars are honking, jackhammers are jackhammering, and you can’t hear a bloody thing. Enter Brighton’s over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones. These chunky DJ-style headphones have active isolation of up to 15dB to block out all those nasty-sounding disturbances taking away from your listening to Kanye West’s latest single.

In order to do what it does, the headphones do have to take some power in form of two AAA batteries. Sure, you can get other headphones with passive noise canceling abilities, but obviously, they wouldn’t be as effective. You get about 100 hours out of each set of batteries on this glossy white set (no news on whether a glossy black one is on the way to match your black nano).

It won’t cancel all noises, 15dB isn’t exactly a whole lot, but the 240g Brighton BI-NCHP will definitely do some good. For 36 EUR or about $43 USD, you can close your eyes, zone out listening to Sum 41, and forget about that traffic jam that’s going to make you late for work. Not recommended for street walking.