Americans are addicted to their technology

Americans are addicted to their technology


A growing number of Americans consider computers, cellphones and high-speed internet essential for getting by, according to a new AP-Ipsos poll. According to the poll, taken by 1,006 adults from December 13 to 15, one third of American homes spend more than $200 on entertainment and communications every month. Four in ten spend from $100 to $150.

Half of computer owners can’t imagine life without their computers. That sentiment is shared by half of the country’s mobile phone users as well. It doesn’t take long for people to consider technology indispensable, either. 4 of 10 people surveyed said that their high-speed internet was indispensable. Two in 10 say the same thing about DVD players, digital cable and CD players.

The acceptance of some technology is a bit surprising. For example, 4 in 10 homes have a video game console. One-quarter of homes have an MP3 player, while one home in 7 already have satellite radio. Not surprising, though, is the finding that people over 65 are less likely to find any of the technology indispensable. Men are more likely to have technology than women and you are more likely to have it the more money you make.