Pay for the bus with your phone

Pay for the bus with your phone


If you have to ride the bus every day I feel sorry for you, especially if it is during rush hour. Buscom Oy, a company from Finland with a great name, is working on a way to make the whole process less painful for you. You will be able to hold your phone up to a proximity reader as you enter the bus. The reader will access your account on the phone and automatically deduct the cost of the trip for you. That means you don’t have to fumble around for change or try not to lose your pass (just your cellphone).

Besides the ease of use on the bus, the biggest advantage of the system is that you will be able to reload your account and buy passes over the phone itself. It will save you a trip to a transit office to get what you need.

The company is testing the system in Finland right now, which will be ongoing until March. If all goes well, they will make the system available widely next summer. Right now it is available for use with the Nokia 3220 phone, but the company is working to expand the availability to other phones and other makers.