New release movies on Italian cellphones

New release movies on Italian cellphones


Italian cell carrier Hutchinson H3G has made it easier for you to watch brand new movies without having to go all the way to the theater. Their 3G customers will soon be able to view first release movies just 10 days after they have been released to theaters.

The company will be working with Eagle Pictures, a distributor of movies, on the service. It isn’t a happy partnership, though. After signing the deal, Eagle tried to back out after learning how soon Hutchinson wanted to make the films available. Hutchinson went to court and the agreement was enforced, despite the obvious anger of theater owners. Memoirs of a Geisha will be the next available film on December 27.

A few things about this that I don’t get. First, how many movies do you really want to watch on your phone? TV clips and even whole sitcoms are one thing, but surely you lose a good bit of the experience on a screen that is that small. Second, who is going to pay $10.50 for the experience? That’s what it will cost for a week’s worth of unlimited viewing. Third, won’t it take about two minutes for someone to figure out how to change the format and make the films available illegally all over the net? Maybe I’m just not the target market on this one.