Motor Trend to Increase Wireless Accessories

Motor Trend to Increase Wireless Accessories


Motor Trend will produce a new host of wireless accessories in the coming months, through an agreement with PowerMate Cellular announced by Motor Trend’s parent company, Primedia. Among the accessories will be headsets, antennas, and power adapters all with the Motor Trend brand. It is an effort to convince Motor Trend loyalists to stay “in house” when purchasing their wireless products.

And it’s not just wireless phone users that Motor Trend is targeting. MP3 enthusiasts will find themselves able to buy Motor Trend-branded products for their MP3 players as well. Among those products are carrying cases, power adapters, modulators, and headsets.

All of these products will be available in the early months of 2006, on websites and in automotive and other specialty stores, as well as food and drug stores.

Primedia also produces video content for iPods and other video MP3 players. Motor Trend enthusiasts will no doubt be able to view specialized videos of cars, trucks, car of the year winners, and product reviews on their Motor Trend-branded MP3 players.