More mobile TV from Samsung

More mobile TV from Samsung


More news out of Korea, and yes, it’s Samsung again. Mobile TV is huge, but watching on the tiny 2-inch cell phone screen leaves much to be desired. So, Samsung is set to launch devices dedicated to mobile TV, sporting 4-inch and 7-inch screens for watching all your favourite DMB content, from late-breaking news to the hottest movies.

The DMB-T750 and DMB-T450 come with 7-inch and 4-inch LCD screens, respectively, and offer a battery life of up to four hours while watching mobile TV. They are designed for terrestrial DMB services, but if you get tired of mobile TV, both units have a couple other features for you to play with. They double as MP3 players and digital photo albums, but unfortunately only support USB 1.1. If the four hours isn’t enough, be informed that both units come packaged with car adapters for those longer road trips.

No official announcement regarding launch dates or pricing on either the 600g T750 or the 260g T450.