Gameboy Micro Goes Red for the Holidays.

Gameboy Micro Goes Red for the Holidays.


Yet another “just in time for the holidays” item is here, the new Nintendo Gameboy Micro is now available in Red, just in time for, well you know.

While this isn’t the original GameBoy, the new Micro features the same simple control configuration: d-pad left and A/B buttons on the right plus it has two shoulder buttons for added control.

The 2” letterbox screen is backlit and apparently is the best screen of all Nintendo’s mobile consoles. It runs off the same processor as the Gameboy Advance, so you will be able to play up to 700 full-color GBA titles.

The sell-points here are obviously the portable unit’s size and overall aesthetics. Marketed to”image-conscious gamers”, the Micro measures a compact 4 inches wide by 2 inches tall and 0.7 inches thin – so it is small enough to slip into your pant pockets. And because it weighs only 2.8 ounces, you’ll never know it’s there.

According to Korean tech-news sources, the Nintendo GameBoy Micro is also available in Christmas tree green. No news of availability outside of Asia, but a regular black or silver GameBoy Micro will cost you about $90 in North America.