Text messaging use jumps by 154% in one year

Text messaging use jumps by 154% in one year


Turns out we love text messaging. Americans sent 154% more text messages in June of this year than they did the year before, according to a survey by Alltel. There were 7.2 billion messages sent this June in the U.S., up from 2.8 billion last year. Quick math tells me that that is about 24 messages for every person in the U.S.

Women are more likely to text message than men, according to the survey. They are also more likely to do it every day. The average conversation using text messages now takes 5 messages.

There is an interesting anomaly in the results. Half of the people surveyed text message during work, but only a third use text messaging text message co-workers and just one in five text clients. That means that a lot of people are using work time to do something other than work. What a shock. This might explain a bit of what people are doing – two-fifths of the people surveyed have used text messaging to flirt with someone.