Half an iPod, one-tenth the price

Half an iPod, one-tenth the price


What do you get when you decapitate an iPod, rip out its memory, clone the result, and then, after all of that, clone the clone? You get a pretty barebones, plain-looking MP3 player that will likely only hit the Japanese market. The Taiwanese company Elelux already has an almost identical product, the WMT-60, but it seems like Digital Cowboy (yes, that’s actually the name of the company) of Japan wants to do their own rendition.

The DCT-SDMP3/U (try saying that three times fast) does not have a display of any kind, so like the iPod shuffle, you’ll need to figure it out yourself what song you’re listening to. The thing that you think is a click wheel, is really just four buttons with no scrolling capabilities. There is no internal memory in this 26 gram player, so you’ll need to buy an SD card to have any use for this thing, but you can only stuff up to a 512 MB card in there… it’s not compatible with anything larger. What’s more, it only connects with USB 1.1.

The one upside is that the reasonably small DCT-SDMP3/U (56 x 13.4 x 59 mm) is only $25.