DualCor cPC – Windows Mobile and XP on one device

DualCor cPC – Windows Mobile and XP on one device


If you have the DualCor cPC, you may never have to go to your office again. It’s a PDA with Windows Mobile 5.0, but it also happens to run Windows XP when you want it to. It has dual processors as well – a Via 1.5 GHz processor for XP and an Intel chipset for the PDA and phone tasks.

All of the input and manipulation is done using a stylus and a touch screen. That touch screen is 800×480 pixels, so it is big enough for viewing even more advanced documents and applications. Memory is no problem, either. The device has 1GB of DDR2 RAM and a 40GB HDD.

There are all the ports and slots you could want, including 3 USB 2.0 ports, a mini-VGA port, stereo and telephone headset ports, and a CF Type II slot. All that means you can plug it in when you are at work and use your monitors, keyboard and network. When you have to go, you can unplug it, switch to Windows Mobile 5.0 and go wherever you want to, benefiting from the 40GB of storage, which is so much more than any PDA put there. There are some neat tricks on the machine, too. For example, Outlook for both operating systems share the same repository. That means that they are always synced.

DualCor will be showing off their new device at CES next month.