Bell and Groove Mobile launch Canadian mobile music store

Bell and Groove Mobile launch Canadian mobile music store


It seems like only yesterday that Canada got electricity, but now they have a new mobile music store. Groove Mobile, already the self-proclaimed world’s leading mobile music service, has teamed up with Bell Canada, the largest Canadian provider, to launch a new download service.

The service lets you download a song seven times, so you can download it to your phone or your PC and transfer it back and forth between the two to your heart’s content. You can also easily send your friends a 30 second preview of a song so that they will know what you are listening to and how cool you are. All downloads also include the cover art, making listening to music a visual treat, too.

Groove Mobile, with the addition of Bell’s subscribers, now serves 77 million users worldwide. They offer both major label music and independent recordings. They’ll do well in Canada as long as they offer old country music and songs from Shania (says the proud Canadian, playing into American stereotypes).