Nokia 6680 shipping in Japan on Vodaphone

Nokia 6680 shipping in Japan on Vodaphone


Nokia is slowly establishing itself as a brand in Japan. With today’s announcement of the 6680 shipping for the Vodafone network, it becomes only the 3rd Nokia phone available from the provider.

The Japanese are well known to have a penchant for clamshell, or flip-phones, and the “candy bar” format of the 6680 looks conspicuously out of place in the line-up, but it’s no slouch on features.

The Nokia 6680 is a 3G WCDMA smartphone, which sports all the accoutrements that one associates with a high-end cellphone in today’s market. A 1.3 Megapixel camera (with a second camera on the front for video calling), removable memory via RS DV MMC, and support for EDGE on a tri-fecta of GSM bands (900/1800/1900) are all standard equipment.

The 6680 will be available for retail by December 17th under the name “Vodafone 702NK II,” and will support international roaming due to it’s support for GSM as well as WCDMA.