Dedicated portable TV by Pixela

Dedicated portable TV by Pixela


Mobile TV and streaming video are the hottest things these days since sliced bread, but even so, it’s interesting that Pixela has decided to release a dedicated portable TV when many new cell phones are beginning to add that capability. Nonetheless, the Japan-only pocket TV uses its built-in digital tuner to grab over-the-air (OTA) digital broadcasts.

Shaped like a PDA, Pixela’s new unit is said to even display HDTV in some cases, as well as being able to receive H.264 and 5.1 surround sound (converted to two-channel). If you get tired of looking at the moving pictures, it should also be capable of picking up both analog and digital FM radio as well.

Unfortunately, the 136.5 x 55 x 25.5 mm Pixela pocket TV is lacking a hard drive or any storage for that matter (not even an expansion slot, what were they thinking?), so you’ll only be able to watch streaming video. Even stranger, the small 2.17” screen isn’t even in landscape mode, which is how most of us watch TV, isn’t it?