Wisair adds Wireless to USB devices

Wisair adds Wireless to USB devices


Wisair’s attempt to do away with USB cables seems to be moving in the right direction. The company has now released a Wireless Universal Serial Bus (WUSB) reference design which is slated to give a boost to the efforts of taking off USB cables.

The new reference design primarily constitutes a WUSB PC dongle and a WUSB hub. This facilitates PC and other peripheral manufacturers to offer customers wireless connectivity to existing USB-enabled devices. The normal devices which are associated with your PC, like printers, scanners, remote hard disk drives, or even digital cameras and mobile phones, can be directly attached to the WUSB Hub and will receive wireless connectivity. The hub offers the features of two or four ports and the best thing about it is that it can be placed anywhere in the room within a 30 feet radius from a WUSB dongle connected to a PC.

Releasing the new reference design, David Yaish, CEO of the company expressed hopes that their new offering will go down well with the market, ‘We are very excited about the traction that Wisair is making and expect to see our chipsets integrated into many products in 2006. In particular, our new WUSB reference design fulfils a strong market need for wireless connectivity to portable devices, a business decision validated as we have already secured agreements with multiple manufacturing partners.’

The 480Mbit/s WUSB Hub reference design is based on Wisair’s second-generation WiMedia-based UWB chipset. Possessing an integrated antenna, the reference design claims to provide excellent quality performance in noisy environments and can also support Bluetooth devices.