VoIP Wi-Fi phone with all the fixings

VoIP Wi-Fi phone with all the fixings


The NetCodec uVP-2100 is the latest Wi-Fi VoIP handset out of Korea, it looks like the strange lovechild of a mobile and cordless phone but offers features a typical house phone would not sport.

With a 240×320 pixel color TFT display is compatible with H 263/MPEG4 video phone technologies, running 7.5 frames per second at a max 352×588 for your up close and personal communications. A built-in MP3 and MIDI player doubles for some good customized ringtones.

The uVP-2100 also sports 64MB SDRAM and 16MB Flash ROM. One of the coolest things about this phone is that it runs on Linux. (Read: Play Doom?)

It’s too bad that the phone only makes use of 802.11b; jumping to the G-standard would make the most sense, especially with a handset utilizing video.