VK Mobile’s attack of the clones

VK Mobile’s attack of the clones


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be the mantra behind VK Mobile’s latest line of mobile phones, even if it means copying the successful designs of other companies. The cell phone maker has announced the launch of three new cell phones this month, with one more on the way in February 2006.

They all scream of influence from other popular brands. Coming out this month, the VK2010 “boasts a stylish design giving the feel of the Apple iPod,” with a distinct glossy white look and MP3 playback capabilities. It even comes with 512MB of built-in memory so you can start jamming away on your iPod-esque cell phone right away, loading up your music with the supplied USB cables. Like the iPod, the VK2010 lacks a camera.

The VK3100 flip phone (or “folder type” according to VK) sports an antenna, 1.3MP camera, full 1GB of storage, as well as MP3 playback and Bluetooth connectivity. Best of all, it’s only 14.9mm thick. The VK4500 slim slider phone is “rising as the most popular model.” Like the VK3100, this phone too snaps pictures with a 1.3MP camera, plays back 1GB of MP3s, and connects to whatever you need via Bluetooth.

The VK2100, due next February, takes the appeal of Sony Ericsson’s candybar design, adds the super slimness and keypad of the Moto RAZR, and tosses in a whooping 2GB of storage space…but no camera. Like its cousins, this sleek antenna’d phone comes Bluetooth-ready and MP3 playback capabilities.