Take a load off with the iPod Speaker Chair

Take a load off with the iPod Speaker Chair


Imagine an elegant teak chair with Corinthian leather finishes, embedded with deluxe speakers, fully wired in for iPod connectivity. Nice image, huh? Sadly, the iPod Speaker Chair is nothing like this.

No, this iPod Speaker Chair (a.k.a. Chair Man) is a 158x140x108mm piece of molded PVC that looks like a chair, with tiny little arms and tiny little legs that bend much like a toy Gumby. The real genius here is the chair’s little feet are actually the unit’s 4watt speakers. Gloved arms lovingly hug your iPod, keeping it in place (or in its place, depending on how you see it.)

Sound quality wise, I wouldn’t expect much from the Brighton Net Company’s iPod Speaker Chair, but it does come in three colors: black, white and pink.

In all fairness, the 160g iPod Speaker Chair isn’t all that bad. Young ones might get a kick out of it. If you can find one, it could make a nice stocking stuffer, especially holding a new iPod. Try Japan.