Sharp W-Zero3 PDA with slider keyboard

Sharp W-Zero3 PDA with slider keyboard


Sharp Japan has revealed their latest PDA with a huge high-resolution screen and a slider keyboard, the W-Zero3. This PDA phone runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, meaning you can take advantage of Pocket Internet Explorer (which supports xHTML, CSS, and Flash), as well as your standard PC applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows Media Player.

The 3.7-inch 65K screen runs at a resolution of 640×480, and is great for showing off those pictures (SXGA 1280×1024) and videos (WMV format) you’ll be taking with the integrated 1.3 megapixel camera. As far as processing power, expect an Intel PXA270 @ 416Mhz, 64MB of SDRAM and 128MB of flash memory. If you’re looking for more storage space (and you will, you’ll be jamming to MP3s and watching videos on this thing), the W-Zero3 takes mini-SD cards. All the other standard features apply like 802.11b WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity — GSM would have been the winning touch.

Unfortunately, like all other PDA phones, the W-Zero3 isn’t exactly the smallest thing in the world, weighing in at 220 grams, and having dimensions of 70 x 130 x 26mm.