Payments made by iPod? Maybe.

Payments made by iPod? Maybe.


If Ingenico has their way, you may soon be able to make payments using your iPod. Yes, I did say iPod. In an entirely hypothetical demonstration done at the Cartes exhibition last month, the company demonstrated the purchase of an airplane ticket using an iPod. The demonstration used the i5100 terminal made by the company, Atlantic Radio System’s FM data extraction module and the iTrip FM transmitter by Griffin.

It worked like this. When the ticket was purchased an e-mail was sent to the purchaser with a receipt in an MP3 file. When the time comes to take the trip you just upload that file onto your iPod. At the airport, you would just play the file. Using the FM transmitter, your iPod would play the information which could include your itinerary, cost details, passport information and even biometric features would stop someone from stealing your ticket. The system could be used for gift certificates or vouchers, too.

The demonstration was more of a demonstration of what Ingenico can do, than of something that we will actually see. Still, it is an intriguing idea.