MTV invests in Amp’d Mobile

MTV invests in Amp’d Mobile


Amp’d Mobile, the MVNO which is looking to attract young, hip users hasn’t even launched yet, but they already have a high profile partner. MTV Networks has agreed to invest $50 million in Amp’d. MTV will also provide video clips and other content for Amp’d when they launch, which is supposed to happen this week. It is known that one senior executive from MTV will join the Amp’d board, but beyond that the companies have released few details of their agreement.

MTV has been active in the past couple of days. Earlier this week they announced a partnership with Microsoft under which they will launch Urge, a new online music store that will open for business next year. The timing of the two announcements could be a coincidence, but the possibility exists that Amp’d will become a mobile access point for Urge. When Amp’d launches it will have its own online music store which will undercut Sprint’s mobile music store by selling songs for 99 cents each.

Some of the MTV content will be free, while other content will likely cost 49 cents. Amp’d will also be offering content from CBS, Fox and ESPN.