Korean providers team up to standardize phone ports

Korean providers team up to standardize phone ports


South Korean mobile providers are cooperating so that users can have even more features and services. Great. They already have things we can only dream of and it will only get worse. KTF, SK Telecom and LG telecom, the three largest providers in the country, have agreed on a standard data and charging port. The new port will be required on all phones released in South Korea.

At first this move seems counter-intuitive. Companies have long taken pleasure in changing port shapes with every phone so that the accessories you had for your old phone are no good. You have to buy accessories again and they roll in the money. Having a standard port will mean that old accessories will work for new phones. These three companies have the foresight to realize that cooperating can, in this case, help all of them. Outside parties will be able to develop products and services that will easily be available to all phone users. They don’t have to limit their market by targeting one type of phone. In the long run, this will mean more services and, likely, more accessories sold.

The three companies have signed a memorandum of understanding. The date when the standardization will begin is unknown.