JVC headphones for the winter season

JVC headphones for the winter season


Well, maybe not that hot, but at least they’re headphones that’ll keep you warm during these dark, cold winter days. JVC has launched a set of headphones that double as ear muffs so you can keep the sides of your head nice and toasty while jamming away with Kanye West or Kelly Clarkson, whoever floats your boat.

The headphone/earwarmer combo comes complete with Polartec Wind Pro and Thermolite Active 100 materials, so you can be sure they’ll cover the warmth side of the equation. As far as sound quality, you can probably expect as least as good as, if not better than, your standard issue earbuds.

Now, the real dilemma. It seems that JVC’s latest product only comes in black, so you can’t keep that snazzy white to match your iPod, so I guess it’s time to splurge for a black nano or something, if that’s something that concerns you. Whatever the case may be, they’re £30 (or about $53 USD) from iPodWorld.